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Optimizing Workflow

Achieving efficient workflow within the hospital or imaging center is critical to realizing the full benefits of 3DR Thin or any manufacturer's advanced visualization solutions. When properly implemented, these systems, supply rapid and consistent access to patient images and related data inside the facility and external sites connected through secure Internet links. 3DR Laboratories assists its clients in developing and optimizing these workflows to ensure that scanning, post-processing, interpretation and archiving can all be performed in a seamless, scalable network. 

" Alternative visualization and analysis using volumetric tools, including 3D visualization, must evolve from luxury to necessity. "

No matter which 3DR Intelligent Outsourcing model is selected by the client (i.e., Workstation, Reach In, Reach Out, or Hybrid), 3DR's analysts work with the facility’s existing PACS and workflow environment to deploy our procedures, protocols and hardware/software solutions.

Because we work closely with many PACS vendors, we are familiar with how to closely integrate with their systems so that our "bundled" solutions become integral components of our client's enterprise.

The economies of scale and other advantages provided by 3DR’s Intelligent Outsourcing Solutions are all enabled by this workflow optimization and integration process. Additional benefits of this process include:

  • Improved communications among technologists, radiologists and referring physicians
  • Improvements in scanning protocols that result in the acquisition of images better suited to three dimensional post-processing
  • Development of post-processing protocols that are customized to the specific requirements of radiologists and referring specialists

To learn about how 3DR Laboratories intelligent outsourcing solutions, contact Michael Lillig for a free consultation by contacting us.